What is an exit strategy in business?

There are 28 million small businesses in the United States. The reality is that over 80% of businesses don’t sell. What separates that 20% of businesses that do sell? We’re glad you asked.


In Exit & Answers, founder John Ovrom shares the richness of his first-hand experience and expertise, exploring all those things he wishes he had known before he sold his first business. This book dives into the buying and selling process, highlighting common pitfalls businesses succumb to and opportunities for businesses to implement value drivers, attracting multiple qualified buyers to their door.

Exit & Answers goes beyond the one-dimensional approach from the brokering side, delving into the various stages of the selling process. This includes the groundwork done before going to market, which defines the long-term success of any business transition.

Focusing on what makes buyers tick, Exit & Answers highlights the three different types of buyers, risks that makes prospects get cold feet, and how to position your business to make a splash on the market. From financials and operations, to tax implications and negotiations, to what comes after the sale, this book is your complete guide to understanding the entire process of selling or exiting your business.


This item is no longer available but stay tuned for a 2nd Edition coming in 2021.

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