Growing Hybrid Car Battery Repair & Replacement Company #016801

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About The Opportunity

  • Well-established and highly reputable hybrid drive battery repair and replacement company headquartered in Illinois.
  • Grown their product line, name recognition, knowledge base, and business network with increasing sales each year, both directly to consumers and businesses nationwide and worldwide.
  • Offers the best value and warranty in the industry and multiple installation options including in-store at their 5,400 sq. ft. location.
  • Current market is exploding with more vehicles, more types of electric vehicles (trucks, buses, etc.), different types of batteries, and larger batteries.
  • Owner is retiring and a transition period will be provided.

Value Proposition

  • An enormous opportunity for a professionally run operator to scale and grow the business to become an industry leader.
  • All types of electric vehicles are becoming a significant piece of the overall vehicle market, not just in the United States, but Europe and worldwide so the need to find a quality leader in the replacement battery industry supporting this growth is still a wide-open opportunity.
  • The company is perfectly positioned to take the leading role in this industry and become the key referral partner with consumers, mechanics, and manufacturers.
  • Includes asset value of approx. $800K Inventory; $100K FF&E

Other Important Information

  • The company takes recycling seriously with all old and unusable batteries and parts recycled appropriately.
  • The company services cars from major automotive retailers including, but not limited to, Honda, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, etc.

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