Lucrative Concrete Construction Company #042701

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About The Opportunity

  • Established in 1995 and based out of San Diego.
  • Partners with general contractors, public agencies, and private developers representing industries across a wide spectrum of businesses to build virtually every type of structure that utilizes concrete construction.
  • Company is a well-respected leader within its market and poised for growth.
  • Owners seeking a graduated exit over the next 3-5 years.

Value Proposition

  • Significant revenue and EBITDA growth over last 4 years, average between 2016A – 2019E at $39M with average EBITDA over $3.5M.
  • Pipeline of outstanding bids shows revenue to be consistent through 2020 without slipping on margins.
  • Leased space of 6,300 sf.  Sellers own facility and offering FMV lease to buyer with option to purchase building.
  • Upside potential with a focus on increased sales & marketing. A well-capitalized and motivated owner could accelerate Company’s growth and profitability.

Other Important Information

Company has reputation for providing quality, on-time and on-budget service.  Managed by seasoned professionals who utilize a collaborative bidding process where sales, estimating, and operations work together to ensure the work is bid correctly.  Company has financial strength in both bonding requirements and cash flow to handle bigger projects.

By The Numbers

Gross Revenue$32.3M$41.6M$46M$39M
EBITDA %8.3%11.1%11.7%9.9%

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