Meet Scott Sporrer, ECG’s Chief Financial Officer

August 31, 2022Insights

Please join us in welcoming the newest Exit Consulting Group® team member, Scott Sporrer.

Scott is a financial professional with over 25 years of experience working in public accounting, private industry, and investment banking. His background spans auditing and consulting for multi-national corporations, management of all corporate finance and accounting functions, and providing M&A advisory services.

From the time he started his career at Ernst & Young, Scott was building the skillset of a CFO, a role he would soon secure for the publicly traded footwear and apparel company Phoenix Footwear Group, Inc. He then became President of U.S. Operations for the solar energy company Siliken, growing the business from zero to $38 million before venturing into fractional CFO consulting. As a consultant, Scott realized his passion for helping business owners establish financial controls to lead and make decisions more confidently. He now brings his impressive track record to ECG as CFO.

Hear from Scott in this short Q&A:


What’s unique about your position at ECG?

It has a different dimension from most CFO positions. In addition to overseeing the company’s finances, I’m also servicing our clients, helping them to stabilize their business finances and planning for their exit. I enjoy contributing both to the company’s growth and to our clients’ success. I have always considered myself to be a strategic CFO and can fully embrace that in my role at ECG.


What’s a philosophy that you live and work by?

I believe in the principals of Servant Leadership and empowering others. This philosophy is especially powerful for small and medium-sized business owners because it allows them to assemble and trust a management team rather than trying to control everything themselves. It enables growth for the business and for the employees driving the company’s mission every day.


How would you describe ECG’s Exit Engineering® approach? 

ECG’s Exit Engineering® process encompasses the essentials of exit planning—including consulting, strategy, preparing the business for the market, driving value, and brokering—with a personalized approach. It’s a high level of service with the big picture and the owner’s best interests in mind, far beyond net revenue and sale price. Above all, Exit Engineering stems from ECG’s genuine desire to help clients achieve their Win.


What can business owners do better?

Most business owners are more reactive than they realize. Naturally in any business, it’s difficult to see and plan outward past the next 90 or 180 days. You’re living in the noise of the day-to-day and week to week. Setting a long-term strategy is critical to achieving your end goal, yet a two- or three-year plan is very rare to see in small and medium-sized businesses. We’re here to help with that.


Why is ECG the right fit for you?

The people. Everyone is genuinely committed to investing the time that it takes to create and execute a winning exit plan for our clients.


Welcome aboard, Scott, and thank you for sharing your insights!