Meet Michael Sherlock, ECG’s Newest Managing Director of Consulting, Focused on Financial Analysis

October 30, 2022Insights

Please join us in welcoming our newest Exit Engineer®, Michael Sherlock.

Michael began his career in mutual and hedge fund accounting before joining an international property and casualty insurance company where he worked in the finance department. He then went on to work at a private equity firm, followed by a life insurance company on the East Coast before moving to San Diego, CA in 2021. His wide-ranging experience in financial services makes him a great addition to our team of managing directors in our consulting department.

Hear from Michael in this short Q&A:


How do you apply your professional experience while consulting with ECG clients?

My background in the financial interpretation of large volume transfers will help business owners take a detailed look at their companies and provide accurate, comprehensive financial analysis. We can then use that data to enhance operations for the owner and ultimately drive a more favorable sale price.


How does financial analysis set the stage for a successful exit?

Whether you’re in the early stages of running your business or have been operating for decades, knowing the details of your company’s finances before starting the thought process of exiting is important for expectation setting. Financial analysis uncovers opportunities to make improvements to your business that can pay off in the long run and allows for concise communication and clear benchmarks.


What is your approach to analyzing a company’s finances?

It starts at the operational level and shifts to financial representation. One thing that has always been a big part of my job is ensuring data integrity, meaning accurate and consistent data from day to day and month to month. Without data integrity, the owner’s perception of the business’ worth might be misaligned from buyers’ or investors’. Financial analysis is the key to managing expectations in a transaction.


Why is ECG the right fit for you?

I could tell from my first interactions with the leadership team that they are passionate and talented people I want to work with. Being interested in different industries, ECG gives me the opportunity to help clients from various industries and business life cycle situations.


Welcome aboard, Michael, and thank you for sharing your insights!