Meet Derek Grotzinger, the Latest Addition to ECG’s Team of Managing Directors

March 29, 2023Insights

Please join us in welcoming local San Diego serial entrepreneur and consultant Derek Grotzinger to the ECG team.

Derek was the founder of San Diego Experiences, a company that specializes in crafting unique and immersive tours and events for international visitors to the United States. Over the years, he has expanded his business and worked with corporate clients to offer similar experiences domestically. Derek eventually transitioned to consulting with a variety of companies across multiple industries and has assisted in selling as well as raising capital for hospitality businesses.

Derek has developed a strong reputation as a problem solver and trusted advisor. He is committed to helping business owners achieve their goals and excel both in their personal lives and in business.  

Hear from Derek in this short Q&A.

How do you apply your professional experience to consulting with ECG clients?

Having founded and built a business, I get the tactical challenges that business owners grapple with daily. I can understand where they’re coming from when they talk about not having enough time in the day, the importance of hiring the right people, their identity being tied to their business, and so on. It is because of this knowledge that I am able to give business owners a sense of confidence as we work with them to ensure a smooth transition or transaction.

What are your focus areas as a Managing Director at ECG?

I specialize in growth, sales, and marketing. These skills have contributed to my ability to build solid, long-lasting rapports with my clients. At ECG, I am able to use my areas of expertise to help any business owner solve their immediate pains that will help their overall company in the long run and ultimately lead to their Win.

What is your understanding of ECG’s Exit Engineering® process?

Most business owners don’t take the time to plan for their exit. They’re too busy running their companies and even those who do manage to plan might find themselves seeing various professionals who all offer different services. ECG’s Exit Engineering process brings everything together and consolidates the exit process for the owner. We cover many different facets with a diverse team that’s able to pivot to each client’s needs, develop a personalized exit plan, and see that plan through to the desired outcome.

What makes an entrepreneur successful?

I believe the most successful entrepreneurs are always improving. They don’t settle for a good or even a great product. They’re constantly listening, learning, and implementing new ways to grow.

Why is ECG the right fit for you?

One of the skills that I have honed over the years is finding creative solutions to problems, and that’s something ECG does every day in helping business owners develop winning exit strategies. Everyone on the ECG team is focused on pursuing the client’s Win with emotional intelligence, intellectual agility, and integrity. Those values aren’t just words; that’s what you get when you walk into our office and see so many talented and passionate Exit Engineers at work. I know I’m in the right place.

Welcome aboard, Derek, and thank you for sharing your insights!