Is Your Business Owner-Operated or Professionally Led?

June 27, 2023Insights

Entrepreneurship sparks introspective questions daily. One that may change your perspective of your business is whether your company is owner-operated or professionally led. In other words, are you running the company with your bare hands daily, or is the company running on the experience and skills of others while you lead the overall trajectory? Here’s the upside, and how to accomplish moving to a professionally led company.


Get Buy-in from Your Leadership Team

A leadership team is crucial to building a successful and scalable business. It’s that simple. But to do this, you must develop a strong group of skilled individuals who will step up to keep things running in your absence, and you need to feel comfortable letting go of control to allow them to take the lead. Set them up for success by training them on the ins-and-outs of the company processes and involving them in things like key business decisions so you can leverage their expertise and perspectives. This will ensure a more comprehensive and well-rounded approach to driving business growth and, ultimately, a more successful exit for you as the business owner.


Put Infrastructure in Place

Repeatable processes and robust systems are crucial to set the stage for an eventual exit. Why? Because a new owner needs to be able to step in and run the business without you. This will require you to invest in technology, create operational efficiency, and establish an organizational structure.


By having scalable infrastructure in place, you enhance your company’s overall operational effectiveness, and can position your business for sustainable growth, increasing its market value. This makes it more appealing and valuable in the eyes of potential buyers, or investors, and can lead to a more lucrative exit.



Investing in professional development, particularly in courses and workshops focused on leadership, is highly beneficial when it comes to positioning yourself as the leader of your team and your company rather than a doer of specific tasks. Leadership development also equips you with the necessary tools to make informed decisions, manage change, and inspire your employees during every phase of your business. You will gain valuable insights that will empower you to lead your team through the life cycle of your business, including your exit planning.