How to Fight Through [Fill in the Blank] Fatigue

July 25, 2022Insights

What’s wearing on you in 2022? Surely, there’s something.

After the fight-or-flight of 2020? The trudge of 2021? And now, a whole new slew of obstacles continuing through 2022 and beyond? Come on. Seriously. There’s something.

Whether you realize it or not, recognize it or don’t, fatigue is very much a factor. And nowadays, it comes in many different forms. From big things, like your business and financial future, to little things, like the rising cost of tacos and other equally important necessities. It can begin to feel like the world is chipping away at your strength. Don’t let it. Fatigue is beatable—though it’s not as simple as “powering through.”


Slow Down

You’re stressed when you’re busy and stressed when you’re not. It’s the life of an entrepreneur. Whatever phase you may be in right now, consider letting your foot off the gas, even just a tad. Business owners have been running hot RPMs over the last two years, steering through and around every challenge imaginable. It’s becoming increasingly clear that there will be volatility for the foreseeable future. If you’ve made it this far, you’re built for it. Just remember to pace yourself.


Lean into Loyalty

The Great Resignation is a lot of things to a business owner—disheartening, disruptive, and discouraging, to name a few. And those are just the psychological effects. Financially, the impact is even greater. The labor market is not in your favor and qualified candidates are summoning salaries that many businesses simply can’t afford. If you’ve been fortunate enough to retain certain team members, they are the loyal ones who believe in you and your business. Invest in them, incentivize them, and give them viable paths to career growth in your company. Otherwise, they may get poached.


Be True to You

Integrity can guide you through anything. When you know who you are, what you believe, what you stand for, and what you stand against, all of your actions and decisions align. However, when you’re fatigued, your decision-making isn’t always as unwavering as when your brain is firing. Easy decisions become more attractive than the right ones. Fast decisions seem more effective than thoughtful ones. Knowing your true North—what’s most important to you in business and in life—is a must when you need to set and stay the course.


Hold the Line

Does it feel like you’re being constantly challenged and perhaps at times disrespected? Yet another person is raising their prices, making excuses, or hiding ulterior motives and you feel like you’re the only one playing fair? You’re not alone. Up and down the supply chain, and in and out of the workplace, everyone feels like this. You must maintain your integrity—but you must also draw the line. You can’t take advantage of others, and you can’t let others (with the exception of those overcharging for tacos) take advantage of you. Find the honorable middle ground.


Don’t Relinquish, Recharge

Slowing down doesn’t mean stopping. It just feels that way because you’re used to going full steam ahead. Take some time to recharge your battery. Go to the mountains, to the beach, on the water…whatever it is that you do to keep your mind and body resilient. You’re not going to give in to fatigue. You couldn’t if you tried. The only thing you know how to do is keep going. Rehydrate. Rejuvenate. Recalibrate. Then get back in the game.


By John Ovrom, President & CEO, Exit Consulting Group