How ECG Partners with Service Providers

March 26, 2019Insights

Every service provider—the attorney, financial planner, CPA, etc.—has their area of expertise. These professions naturally overlap, leading each to acquire general knowledge of the others over time. But no one is as good at a given trade as the expert who works full time in that trade. The position that often goes unfilled in the sale of a business is someone who specializes in…you got it, the sale of a business. That’s where Exit Consulting Group comes in.


Experts on the Exit

Most service providers are not experts on exiting a business. They may be an expert in one specific area like law, tax or investments but it’s not a full-time area of focus. Many service providers will say they can orchestrate an exit and, often times, they can.  The question is not if they can but why hire someone that only does this part-time? A successful exit requires a deep understanding of the strategies, creativity, focus, solutions, and opportunities at play. Exit Consulting Group specializes in this one event in a business owner’s life. We do this every day, every week and all year long.  Your exit is all we focus on and we are experts at getting it done. It’s what we’re passionate about and where we excel.


The Right Tools for the Job

Think of it this way: If you were going to chop down a tree, do you have the right tool in your toolbox to do it efficiently and effectively? I’m not going to tell you that you cannot cut a tree with a knife. It’s possible, I guess. Don’t you want to use something better, faster and easier though?


With this metaphor in mind, a service provider who wants to help a client chop away at an exit is working with a handsaw at best. Meanwhile, we as exit consultants have a big toolbox with all different kinds of saws, the experience to make things go in the right direction, different strategies for different trees, and you get the point. We do this for a living.


Leading the Team

When it comes to selling a business, the owner needs an advisor they can trust to run the show. Many service providers have time to be on the team with their trade experience but not the time to run point. The providers we work with know they can entrust their clients to us to manage the exit process.  We’ll work with all the advisors, using their skill and knowledge when needed, as well as keeping everyone on the team in the loop. Using a collaborative approach to the process, our company is built to be the quarterback for all types of business transactions.


Getting the Win for the Owner

Collaboration between service providers is absolutely key in an exit. We have to collectively take an owner-centric approach and work together to identify what the client wants for themselves, for their employees, for their family, for their legacy…It’s not about us at all. Together we are the engine that drives the successful sale. Here’s what I’m saying:

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