ECG Promotes Melissa Poler to Managing Director of Consulting

June 24, 2021Insights

The Exit Consulting Group team is growing, including from within. We’re proud to introduce Melissa Poler as Managing Director of Consulting, a newly created position in which she will apply her depth and breadth of knowledge from five years and counting at ECG as well as her prior experience in aerospace administration to further elevate our Exit Engineering® for clients.

Yes, we said aerospace. Tapping into her background in one of the most rigorously documented industries on Earth (or in the entire solar system, for the matter), Melissa sees big things ahead for ECG’s consulting practice. Even clients and colleagues who already know her will enjoy this brief Q&A with our senior consultant-turned-managing director.


What is your role as Managing Director of Consulting and what does it mean for ECG clients?

With this exciting promotion, I’m now responsible for ensuring timely, cohesive communication between our consultants and clients, oftentimes en route to our brokerage division where we implement the exit strategy that we develop together. When we consult, we’re building effective business processes for our clients. Internally, we’re always refining and scaling our own processes as well. Clients will see that we have accountability, structure, and an organized team behind their exit planning.


What is Exit Engineering? What is ECG engineering for clients lately?

Exit Engineering is all about identifying and achieving your win. The consulting aspect of our business is pivotal because oftentimes, owners don’t yet know what they want or haven’t thought about an exit. We work to understand the owner’s goals and position the business accordingly. In many cases, we’re building efficiency, scalability, organizational structure, leadership and other attractive selling points into the business well ahead of the sale.

During the pandemic, our consultants assisted clients with navigating PPP loans, EIDL loans, business and manufacturing pivots, restrictions, and even the emotional side of leading teams through crisis and uncertainty.


What was it like working in aerospace? How did that chapter shape your career path?

I spent 10 years working with an aerospace distributor before joining ECG. I was in accounting and then operations, both of which are extremely detail oriented. I maintained the company’s ISO 9001 certifications, obtained its AS9120 certification, managed all of the quality systems, and also secured a $5 million military contract for the company. It was quite an adventure and feat, to say the least. In aerospace, everything ties back to paperwork. You’re not just selling a product; you’re selling documentation. Those meticulous requirements set the foundation for how I like to organize tasks and processes, which can be valuable in any industry.


What excites you about your new role at ECG?

I enjoy helping people work happily, healthily, and cohesively. Being a managing director allows me to work more closely with my colleagues and support them in being the best they can be—for themselves, for their families, for each other, and for our clients. When we take care of our team, we can set high standards, deliver on expectations, and engineer successful exits for clients.


Any simple exit planning advice for business owners?

There is always a way to find your win. Sometimes, it takes creative solutions and switching from Plan A to Plan B, C, all the way down to X, Y, and Z. You’ll always get through it and we’re always here to help.

Congratulations, Melissa, and thank you for sharing your insights! We’re proud to see you grow and excited to see you lead with ECG!