5 Ways We’re Investing in Professional Development

March 04, 2023Insights

At ECG, we believe that for any company to grow and transition, they must invest time in learning new techniques and tools that will allow them to improve their processes. In 2023, on the heels of our own leadership transition, we’ve solidified our own commitment to professional development in many ways, including:

1. Coaching for Our Leadership Team

We understand the importance of strong leadership in driving successful outcomes within an organization, so we’ve implemented regular executive coaching sessions for our leadership team. We want to ensure our leaders are getting the feedback and guidance they need to make informed decisions and stay on track toward our goals. 

Everyone works with the same coach for a year, so visions are aligned. The coach helps build specific action plans and holds each leader accountable for following through and reporting back to one another. As a result, our leadership team is growing more confident and connected.

2. Tactical Skill Building

We’re committed to ongoing learning to keep up with the latest trends and best practices. Our employees need to be equipped with the advanced skills necessary to excel in and beyond their roles. 

At ECG, our managers now take certification courses through the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI). Through this program, team members are able to learn new strategies with courses such as Financial Modeling & Valuation and Certified Business Intelligence & Data. 

Investing in our people’s development is an essential element of not only our success, but also our clients’, and we are adamant about providing the resources they need to stay up to date with changing regulations. Everyone on our team is required to do something that actively promotes their professional goals in 2023.

3. Internal Lunch and Learn Sessions

In 2023 we are launching routine lunch-and-learn sessions with our team. These forums provide a space for cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing. The topics range from team dynamics to industry best practices, and everyone can have an opportunity to share their experiences. 

Hosting lunch-and-learn sessions is a fantastic way to encourage team bonding. It helps increase communication between departments and organically keeps everyone up-to-date on what’s happening across the organization and in our industry

4. Professional Peer Groups

We also established professional peer groups (PPGs) for our employees. PPGs are groups of professionals from different disciplines that meet regularly to discuss challenges and develop new solutions. Knowledge sharing boosts productivity. 

The meetings provide a chance to test new ideas in a collaborative setting. They also let team members hone their public speaking skills. 

5. Refining Our Own Messaging and Marketing

A strong brand is the mark of a strong business. To strengthen our brand, we’re working on our internal and external messaging. In the process, every member on our team is learning how to speak to what we stand for, what we believe in, and why we love what we do. 

Continued professional development is important for any organization, and ECG has taken several steps over the past year to ensure that our team is growing and learning. 

In all the above, we’re creating an environment that drives growth. After all, we’re on the same journey that you are!