The Future of Your Business Depends on This

April 25, 2016Exit Strategies, Financial Integrity

You probably know that I have owned and operated several construction businesses. Exiting one is what led me to start Exit Consulting Group.

A fundamental principle in construction and business is building a strong foundation. If you don’t, everything can come crumbling down.

Your ability to build a strong financial foundation is paramount in attaining current and future business goals.

The most essential component to your business foundation is proper accounting. It plays a pivotal role in success and growth. Yet time and time again, when we work with clients preparing for a transition, the financials are a mess. You may think this only applies to small businesses, but in fact, the same problem plagues $5 and $10 million dollar businesses as well.

That’s why we are expanding ECG to include a comprehensive accounting division.

It’s essential for you to prioritize your accounting needs. Knowing your financial position enables you to take risks, invest in opportunities and keep the day-to-day running.


Leading this new division is Frances Cortez. Frances is an MBA, former corporate controller, and financial manager with over 20 years of accounting, administrative, and operations experience. She has specialized in working with construction companies and various entrepreneurs including real estate investors.

We now have an entire team dedicated to serving all your accounting needs. Check out our new services to see how we can help you strengthen your financial foundation today!