Manufacturer of Proprietary Epoxy
Adhesive Serving Aerospace and Aviation Industries


  • 50 year history of manufacturing epoxy product used in industrial material and component part repair.
  • Proprietary product is a fast-curing, high-strength adhesive that can be used for bonding, filling, and fairing applications.
  • Company is approved by the FAA as a certified MRO service provider to the airlines.
  • Customers realize savings up to 85% on repair of key components versus replacement.
  • Product also has applications in the marine, railroad, industrial, ground power, and automotive industries.
  • Owners are selling due to retirement. Training and transition period will be included.


  • Company provides repair and modification services for aircraft components and systems, including hydraulic, fuel, and oil.
  • The company leverages the use of their proprietary industrial epoxy adhesive technology for certain aircraft components.
  • Stable customer base has delivered consistent financial performance over the decades.
  • Operating with staff of 18 people.


  • Value of company lies in the IP for product formula. Significant opportunity for an industrial company who can leverage the product for internal use and/or market across other industries.
  • Various applications for adhesive product include:
    • Fuel Pump Housings
    • Valve Bodies
    • Landing Gear Cylinders
    • Heater Housing
    • Oil Pump Housing
    • Gear Boxes
    • Actuators
    • Bearing Journals
    • Cooler Housing