Business Exit Assessment Timing

ECG Exit Assessment

No two exits are alike but they all require evaluating three things: the owner, the business and the market. By defining the win and measuring it against the business as it stands and the market as a whole, we help you choose the right path for your best exit.


The most important factor in assessing your business for exit is defining your wants and needs. What’s your win?  Is it price?  Timing? Maybe it’s transitioning the business to a family member or key employee. These factors have deep implications for you and your family’s future. We care about your long-term success, which is why we begin with you.

Answering the question: “What do you want?” is the first step we take together.


Once we have defined your win, we evaluate the readiness of your business. Our proprietary exit assessment measures your personal goals and objectives against where your business is today. We look at revenue, management, risk factors, concentrations and growth opportunities in order to assess the feasibility of your exit.

There can be an overwhelming amount of information to understand when considering an exit and we are here to walk you through it all.


Even if you and your business are ready, market conditions may dictate the next move.  They can determine whether an internal transfer or 3rd party sale makes the most sense. Sometimes we need to put an interim plan in place to build value until conditions turn. The timing of any transaction must be carefully thought out ensure that you and your company transition well and both continue to succeed.   We help you determine the business value, deal structure and buyer options (Inside or Outside Sale, Liquidation).

We explain financing terms, cash flow and tax consequences as you evaluate various opportunities.




Leaving your business is hard – you don’t have to do it alone. We would love the opportunity to work with you and are confident that any monies spent will bring significant returns.