Consulting – A Unique Approach

Transitions are fluid and dynamic experiences, much like fast-moving waters.

We often find that businesses need foundational support prior to implementing a transition. This work can include everything from designing long-term exit strategies, mitigating partner disputes, setting up for generational success or setting the stage for inside sales.

Our transition consulting services help your business prepare for the next phase of your transition.


It’s important that owners understand the exit process and we begin every relationship there.  We walk you through options, opportunities and risks and help you define your goals.  We want you to have all the cards when we move to the design phase of your transition.   


We assess the business, the market and the owner to determine the right path. Step one is identifying opportunities for adding value or pinpointing potential issues. Next comes developing a system to boost production, increase efficiency, or to maximize revenue. We work with you to design comprehensive solutions.


We work alongside the owner to put the systems in place and the plan into action. Some new systems take a lot of energy to fully implement. Our team can take the lead and integrate new processes throughout any aspect of your organization. This can be a crucial component to taking your business to the next level.

Jeff Lysaught, CFP®
Managing Director, The Hunter Group

As a CFP working with small business owners for over 25 years, I can tell you that you will most likely sell your business only one time. You had better get it right! Exit Consulting Group® has the experience, knowledge, and depth to make things happen—the right way!

Brian Willoughby
Willoughby & Associates, CPA, CVA

The hardest part was considering that we won’t be here forever. We have to think about the success and the future not only for the company but also for the employees.

Exit Consulting Group® took care of all of it. The integrity and trust I felt from day one goes a long way. Anyone who is in business and has been in business for a long time will have that sense.

Drive Value and Sales Prep

When looking to successfully sell on the market, 95% of businesses benefit from in-depth sales prep and value-driving strategies. Here we look underneath the hood of the business and identify opportunities to increase value, reduce risk, and eliminate any red flags that would scare potential buyers. Putting the work in upfront increases the viability and profitability on the market.

Once we complete the foundational work, we identify the ideal buyer, package the business to go to market, and oversee the shift in leadership.

Inside Sales & Family

Knowing who you want to succeed you brings a different set of challenges to your exit. Selling to a key employee, buying out a partner, or passing the business to a family member requires creative financing structures, estate planning, and other processes to ensure we create a successful solution for everyone involved.

Pursuing generational succession also means that family dynamics will surface. We step in to advocate for the business, working to resolve any potential conflict through the process. These transitions require careful intention and emotional intelligence to navigate the relationships that are affected by it.

Long Term Transition Support

C Level Services – Depending on where your business is today, you may need more support. Our team can step into leadership roles to get your business moving in the right direction by providing assistance at all senior management levels.

Board of Advisors/Directors – Many businesses benefit from an outside perspective as owners navigate their exit. We can create a Board and put the right people in place to guide the business during the transition. Our team members may serve on the board and often remain to support the company’s new leadership.

Back Office – Successful companies require strong operational systems. We offer payroll and accounting services to help build strong financial reporting mechanisms. HR and Marketing support can also be put in place to help prepare the business for transition and ensure long-term stability for the new owner.

  • Reviewing company financials and to prepare books for the sale
  • Addressing customer concentrations
  • Exploring creative solutions to businesses currently losing money
  • Reconcile the P&L statement across every account to give an accurate picture of where the business stands
  • Establish checks and balances to ensure departments are working toward unified goals
  • Implement systems and processes that remove dependency on key employees
  • Create organizational charts
  • Refine departments to give business