Building your personal goals into the equation.

The reality is that 80% of business don’t sell. Finding a buyer is only part of the equation.
We roll up our sleeves and get to work positioning your business in the market.

See how we position your business to be one of the 20% that do sell.



The reality is owners have multiple options to exit. From passing on the business to family to creating an ESOP to finding an external buyer, each company needs to pursue the path that makes the most sense for them.

Working with a traditional broker limits your options. At ECG, we identify the best option for your unique business.


We don’t stop at the business valuation. Instead, we work with you to increase value. This in-depth look under the hood identifies potential red flags, opportunities to grow, and builds in processes to remove risk. Then our accounting team works to ensure the financials validate the overall picture.

Removing risk increases the sale price, getting you ready for the market.


When done right, brokering has two sides of the coin. First is to work with the business owner to market and sell their business. The other is to curate a community of pre-screened buyers ready to pull the trigger on the right opportunity.

We go further. We walk owners step by step through the entire process.

Current Listings

We help business owners transition with confidence. When that means getting your business in front of potential buyers, we are here to do just that.

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#5010 Semi-Absentee In-Store Product Sampling Agency

Company coordinates in-store demonstrations for specialty markets. Home-based and relocatable!

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  • For Sale

Profitable Meat Packing Company #5016

Company is a meat distributor and wholesaler of a diverse, hiqh quality set of meat products.

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  • For Sale

New Listing: General Contractor #5013

A very reputable commercial general contractor is looking to exit the business.

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  • For Sale

Medical Weight-Loss Company #5009

Rapidly growing and profitable online medical weight-loss company providing doctor-supervised diet programs nationwide.

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  • For Sale

Electronics Repair & Refurbishment for Education Sector #5007

Highly profitable business that repairs and refurbishes electronics for specific educational products.

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  • For Sale

New Listing: Furnishings and Interior Design Business #5004

Profitable home furniture and decor, drapes, and interior design business serving an affluent San Diego community.

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