We may be apart, but we’re in this together. Stay strong and safe, and when this is over, we’ll be here for you.


A new discipline for a new era.

We’re here to give business owners the power to engineer an exit that meets their definition of success.

Our approach makes us different.

Small businesses drive the economy and are the nation’s largest employers. We are exit engineers, focusing on business strategies that move owners forward.

Our goal is to empower business owners to successfully navigate necessary and inevitable business transitions in order to achieve measurable success.

Exit Consulting Group, Inc. (ECG) is a premier exit engineering firm built upon the experience of professionals who have sharpened their skills by starting, growing, managing, and selling multiple companies of their own.

As Exit Engineers, we specialize in developing roadmaps for businesses either going through or anticipating a transition, helping with everything from setting up for generational success, exit strategies, partner disputes, developing value-adding strategies, selling and more. Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we define what success looks like and then establish a plan of action to achieve those results.

We work with owners to successfully exit their business while ensuring that the organization continues to thrive. This includes driving value to the business to increase revenues, mitigating disunity, and managing the transaction of the sale.