The Book

Make Better Decisions When You Sell or Exit Your Business


  • Understand seller and buyer expectations 
  • Maximize value before the sale
  • Know when to walk away from a deal 
  • Understand the fine print
  • Maximize after tax dollars After “The Exit” 

Exit & Answers gives you first hand experience about selling a business from both the seller and buyer’s perspective along with other essential topics:

In Exit & Answers, founder John Ovrom shares the richness of his first hand expertise and experience, exploring all those things he wishes he had known before he sold his first business. You will delve into the various stages of the business selling process, including ways to optimize the value of a business so it is as attractive as possible to prospective buyers. Here you will look at everything from financials and operations, to tax implications and negotiations, to what comes after the sale. 

Ovrom also shares proven resources plus directs you to online content you can use to make the most of your selling opportunities.