Selling Support & Negotiation

No two businesses, or business sales, are the same.

However, the steps that go into making the sales transactions a smooth transition are often similar. As one of the most complex transactions business owners will ever undertake, EGC offers expert assistance to guide them through the process.

Our comprehensive services meet the business owners where they are, developing strategies to achieve desired results. What separates us is our commitment to helping our clients achieve goals at every level in their business, from developing value drivers, increasing sale price and protecting key assets in the business to establishing a roadmap for generational success. 

Establishing Sustainability & Long Term Plan to Sell

Many small business owners are planning on the sale of their business funding their retirement or providing a financial launching point to start a new business. Many times in order to achieve desired financial results when selling a business, owners need a specific plan to go into effect 1-3 years prior to the sale. 

For business owners anticipating on selling their business in the future, but are not there today, we work with clients to determine the company’s current value and desired sale price. We then develop strategic plans to drive value to the business, strengthen management, increase capital gains and establish other procedures to achieve long-term goals, working for an appropriate transaction at the right time.

The overall goal is to honor your legacy; ensuring business owners see desired financial returns on the sale of the business while structuring the transition in a way so that the business thrives long after the transition. 

3rd Party Sale

We will work with business owners motivated to sell their business within the next year through educating owners on the complexity of the process, evaluating the business, getting the financials in order for the sale and soliciting buyers.

Once the owner’s receive offers, ECG will act as their representation, evaluating offers, negotiating terms and structuring the deal in the most beneficial way for the business owner.

Following the sale, we will assist the owner with the preparations, exit strategies and due diligence.


For business owners with one or multiple offers who want to maximize the value currently in the business, we oversee the sale transaction from assessing the business, reviewing offers, soliciting additional bids to closing the deal.

We will act on the seller’s behalf to negotiate the sale price of the business, and structure the deal in a way so the seller makes the most after tax money. 

Inside Sale

Many small business owners seek to sell their business to a key employee or family member. Since the buyers often come from within the existingIng company, there is greater freedom to be more creative in financing and terms. Sustainable succession and a harmonious transition become key factors of a successful transaction.