ECG Accounting

Proper booking and financial reporting build an essential foundation for your business.  

Whether you are protecting your business from a potential audit, conducting tax planning, paying taxes, or planning for the future, accurate and up-to-date accounting is essential to the health of your business. We pride ourselves on providing custom 1 on 1 solutions tailored to your specific accounting needs. While other firms might try to fit your business into a particular box, we focus on custom solutions to the specific challenges your business is facing today. Understanding financial reporting is like learning a language. Our team is here to translate for you, giving you the opportunity to do what you do best: run your business. Regardless if you come to us once a year or build out a monthly partnership, we guarantee the highest level of service. Bottom line, we are part of your financial team.


Controllers manage the day-to-day accounting needs, cash flow, and transactions within a company. Overseeing the accounting operations, they produce periodic financial reports, maintain accounting records, and put budgets and controls in place to mitigate risk and enhance accuracy of company’s reported financial results. Not only are these foundational accounting practices essential for bookkeepers to develop accurate reports, they allow you to have a general understanding of the overall health and cash position of the business.


One common misconception about bookkeepers is that all they do is data entry and reconcile QuickBooks. That is a component but only a small scope of true bookkeeping. Our accounting team reconciles the Profit and Loss Statement across every account to give you an accurate picture of where your business stands. We create financial transactions and reports. This in-depth type of bookkeeping showcases the actual position of the business, whether it is profitable, and areas of the business that needs more attention.

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