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The Different Way to Sell Your Business   

You’ve invested years, if not decades, into growing your business. And we both know that it holds tremendous value and potential for the next owner.

But the reality is that over 80% of businesses don’t sell.

So how do you position your business to make a splash on the market, putting yourself in the rare 20% that makes it? In short, what defines successful exiting business owners boils down to the groundwork done before going to market and strategically approaching the sale.

That’s where our team at Exit Consulting Group comes in.

Rather than glossing over challenges or looking the other way when we see areas that need work, we roll up our sleeves and get to work positioning your business to make the best sale possible. That includes building your personal goals into the equation.

Our team of brokers has been in the trenches, each running and exiting their own business. They get it. They know the work you’ve put in, and they specialize in seeing the full potential of each listing. More importantly, they work with you to establish systems, build in processes and drive value to increase the sales price. 

We’re here because business owners deserve an option that realizes the true potential of their business. 

Explore All the Different Options to Sell 

The reality is owners have multiple options to exit. From passing on the business to family to creating an ESOP to finding an external buyer, each company needs to pursue the path that makes the most sense for them.

Working with a traditional broker limits your options. At ECG, we identify the best buyer for your unique business. 

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Turning Your Business Into an Anuity ›

Drive More Value to the Business (And Bottom Line)

We don’t stop at the business valuation. Instead, we work with you to increase value. This in-depth look under the hood identifies potential red flags, opportunities to grow, and builds in processes to remove risk. Then our accounting team works to ensure the financials validate the overall picture.

Removing risk increases the sales price. 

Low Risk Equals High Returns ›

The Art of Sprucing Up Your Business ›

Access to Our Exclusive Curated Buyer Pool 

When done right, brokering has two sides of the coin. First is to work with the business owner to market and sell their business. The other is to curate a community of pre-screened buyers ready to pull the trigger on the right opportunity.

We do both. Additionally, because of our strong reputation, buyers trust businesses listed with us. 

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Current Listings

Telemedical Weight-Loss Company

Rapidly growing and profitable online medical weight-loss company providing doctor-supervised diet programs nationwide.

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Furnishings and Interior Design Business

Furniture and home décor business based out of a beautiful retail showroom in an affluent community.

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The ECG Difference

Curious if you can sell your business? Need to know what the process entails?
Hear our founder walk through all the things you need to consider when planning your exit. 



Exit Consulting Group

Complete in-depth business evaluation to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Create value-driving opportunities. Implement systems to automate the business and reduce risk, making it more marketable. 

Build a marketing package that outlines the business value proposition to prospective buyers. 

Take the business to market, find external buyers and complete the transaction. 

Design and implement exit strategies that align what’s best for the business with the owner’s goals. 

Integrate robust accounting and financial services to prepare the business for market. 

Complete all types of transitions, including family sales, ESOPs, internal sales, external sales, and liquidation. Oversee the transition after the sale. 

Address and minimize transactional tax implications to maximum after tax profit. 

Looking to Sell?

At Exit Consulting Group, we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients explore all the options to create the most strategic, profitable, and fullfilling path forward.
Contact us today to see what that means for your business. 

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