Who We Serve

Exit Consulting Group gives profitable businesses the ability to build comprehensive strategies to successfully navigate upcoming transitions.

Businesses who profit the most from our services are anticipating or currently undergoing the sale of their business, looking to align key stakeholders on the direction of the company, wanting to set up a structure to ensure the generational success of their business, desiring to maximize profits when they sell or approaching other critical transitions.

Because our services are unique in the market place, going far beyond the limited scope of your traditional consultant or broker, we work exclusively with companies committed to taking their business to the next level or actively approaching transitions with the intent to achieve desired outcomes. Companies without commitment will not succeed in our process.

We selectively engage with businesses with gross revenues between $5,000,000 – $50,000,000.

Why Work With An Expert

There are 50 million small businesses nationwide. Each business owner has the option of engaging professional assistance when it comes time to exit, and yet fewer than 20% choose to do so. Oddly, more than 80% of real estate transactions employ the use of agents; despite the fact that a home purchase is a relative simple transaction by comparison. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder

With Exit Consulting Group, you can consolidate your energy into one experienced point of contact that is handling every detail of your transition. Let’s make a plan for success and execute it!

We have built and sold our own businesses and helped many business owners do the same, successfully maximizing positive results for our clients. Most business owners believe they are adequately preparing for an exit because they currently work with advisors such as attorneys, accountants, and personal financial advisors. These professionals are important members of the advisory team; protecting a business from liability, preparing and submitting taxes, and managing capital effectively. However, leveraging the experience of an advisor who has established and executed multiple transitions will help achieve measurable results for business owners seeking to maximize the value of their business.

We provide tangible and measurable benefits for business owners by successfully working with tax, legal and financial planning professionals to assist their clients in navigating difficult and complicated transitions.  Working with ECG gives you more time, more money, less stress and a much higher chance of success.